Tobacco flavors offered:

1. Pomegranate
2. Orange
3. White peach
4. Double apple
5. Exotic mojito
6. Cherry
7. Chocolate mint

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23. The Broadway (fruity mint)
24. Yummy Gummy (Sweet)
25. Don Julio (Berry Margarita)
26. Pink Lemonade (Lemon Drop Martini)
27. The Bazooka (Citrus & Sweet)

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17. Citrus mint
18. Lemon mint
19. Sex on the beach
20. Code 69
21. White gummy bear
Exclusively at the Spot
22. Maui Waui (tropical tinge)

At The Sandwich Spot, our kitchen uses only the freshest ingredients to prepare a wide array of delicious selections. 

Our prices reflect a commitment to remaining accessible to

everyone in this wonderful community.


The Sandwich Spot is pleased to offer a wide variety of hookahs* out on our intimate outdoor patio! Our hookah masters, Alaa and Jordan have built our menu of delicious hookahs and even offer some unique combinations!

Hookah served Monday-Saturday 5 PM to Closing.

10. Guava
11. Blue mist
12. White grape
13. Sweet Melon
14. Gum mint
15. Exotic mango
16. Kiwi

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