Secret Sauce – garlic olive oil

Bomb sauce – Zesty ranch

Kassi sauce – Garlic spice olive oil (not spicy)

All sandwiches come with choice of bread, including: Dutch crunch roll, sourdough, sweet French, and wheat roll; or sliced wheat, rye, sourdough and gluten-free.

Sandwiches can be ordered “Classic- What it says on the menu,” or with additional condiments, including: mayo, mustard, secret sauce, lettuce,tomato, onions, pickles and peppers.

    *Extra bacon, avocado, cranberry, cheese, cream cheese or meat are available for an additional charge.
    *Extra sauces (Bomb, Secret, Kassi, Kamikazi, Panic or Lava) are available for $.50 each

All sandwiches can be made into a salad for no additional charge.

​Panic sauce – smoky zesty bbq sauce

Chronic Caesar – Cilantro Caesar sauce 

Lava sauce – Spicy (chipotle and habanero)

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Our Menu
At The Sandwich Spot, our kitchen uses only the freshest ingredients to prepare a wide array of delicious selections. 

Our prices reflect a commitment to remaining accessible to

everyone in this wonderful community.

We look forward to serving you soon

Lava sauce – Spicy (chipotle and habanero)

Mama Mia – Garlic lemon sauce (light mayo)

Kamikaze – Horseradish wasabi sauce (medium spicy)

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